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About "Willow Awakened, Ascended, Avenged"

Updated: Nov 29, 2021

Wood Sprites, Night Elves, and Forest Elves have lived largely secluded from one another for generations. Willow, a willful young half-Wood Sprite, half-Night Elf, is unusual for being of mixed blood, but lives a normal life among the Wood Sprites. At least, she does until she is suddenly kidnapped by Night Elves and learns the shocking truth behind her parentage.

Though a captive, Willow soon becomes embroiled in escalating political conflicts within and between the races-including a fight between those who accept relationships between the races, and those who don’t. Her survival depends on her learning to fight, reading those around her, and finding allies wherever she can. Faced with numerous battles, tension between old beliefs and new, and the mystery of the long-vanished Water Sprites, can Willow and her companions emerge victorious and bring about a more peaceful, accepting society?

With a rich and original fantasy setting, epic battle scenes, shocking twists, and important themes such as confronting racial intolerance, Willow: Awakened, Ascended, Avenged will enthrall both longtime fans of the fantasy genre and those new to it.

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